Mission | Vision | Core Values


As the recognized authority and in partnership with others, GNESA builds statewide capacity to end sexual violence by raising awareness and creating social change.


To lead Georgia to a society free from sexual violence.

Core Values

  • We oppose the use of all forms of violence. We affirm the basic human right of every person to live without fear or the threat of sexual violence.
  • We understand that historically women have been and are the primary victims of sexual violence as a result of patriarchal cultural values that have either expressly sanctioned or implicitly tolerated objectification and sexual exploitation of women.
  • We stand in solidarity with efforts around the world to end all forms of sexual violation, discrimination, exploitation and violence against women.
  • We recognize that sexual violence is perpetuated by forms of oppression based on race, gender, class, ethnicity, nationality, disability, age, religion and sexual orientation created by a climate of supremacy and ownership.
  • We believe in the strength of diversity, embrace the differences among ourselves, and cultivate diverse leadership.
  • We undertake prevention efforts to confront and change cultural norms and practices that condone sexual violence.
  • We promote and encourage victim/survivors’ leadership in guiding our advocacy and social change efforts.  We affirm the power of our collective and collaborative efforts, to advocate with social systems and institutions in order to end sexual violence.  
  • We commit to create a work environment for staff, volunteers and collaborative partners that respects diversity, fosters professional growth, encourages critical thinking and initiative and promotes diligent and effective advocacy efforts.
  • We believe that all survivors have the right to advocacy that supports their self-determination regarding lifestyles, finances, education, employment, sexual and reproductive matters, and responses to the sexual violence in their lives.
  • We believe it is the community’s responsibility to recognize sexual violence as an epidemic and to insist our laws and criminal justice system hold perpetrators accountable.
  • We encourage reflection about our work and thoughtful evaluation of our efforts.  We are committed to the ongoing development of innovative strategies and programs to better meet the diverse and emerging needs of survivors.
  • We support and honor a survivor’s right to confidentiality and uphold the federal confidentiality guidelines.